September 23, 2020

Added  Framer Motion versions in CodeSandbox to all the examples in Animation.

September 22, 2020

Added  New Framer Motion section.

August 5, 2020

Updated  Examples in Smart Components now have event handler property controls.

Updated  In Dragging: added examples of how to set drag constraints with useRef().

July 25, 2020

Added to the Overrides section: info about using events with Framer’s Default Components (and similar components with Interaction Triggers).


July 1, 2020

Update and expansion of the Property Controls section with new example projects:



June 11, 2020

Updated  All example projects were tested in Framer Web on Windows and updated when needed. Some projects that use emojis in the examples now have a separate version for Windows.

May 29, 2020

Updated  All example projects and content were updated for the new Framer Web and Framer Desktop.

April 30, 2020

In Animation: Expanded While Hover and While Tap, expanded Variants and moved it to a separate page, added Animate Presence



March 3, 2020

Added  An option to 🔍 search the contents of a book (top right on every page).

February 26, 2020

Update and expansion of the Overrides section:



December 23, 2019

Added  New page in Code Components: Compatibility with Overrides & Parent Components

Updated  The remaining pages in Code Components:

November 28, 2019

Updated  All examples in the Animation section now also have Framer Motion versions.

November 15, 2019

Added  to Example Animations: 10 more examples + all animations in Framer Motion format

October 15, 2019

Added  to Smart Components

September 19, 2019

Added  to Smart components

September 13, 2019

Added  Smart components section

August 31, 2019

Updated  Small update. All projects checked and updated for Library 1.1.1 (in Framer X42). Some code changes were needed in:

July 25, 2019

Added  More about Dragging

July 22, 2019

Added  New section: Dragging

July 1, 2019

Added  New chapter about keyframe animations

Updated  Added an example of a sequence involving different frames

Updated  Some Override examples now use motionValue() instead of useMotionValue()

June 18, 2019

Added  Big Playground animations update

May 24, 2019

Added  More about the new animation API

May 14, 2019

Updated  There are now 30 animation examples, as Code Components and Overrides

May 10, 2019

Updated  Changes because of the new APIs in Framer X22

Moved  Content about the former animation API and class components is now in Archive

April 29, 2019

Added  Pages about the new function components in Framer Beta

April 26, 2019

Updated  The Framer Beta example animations (hooks became possible in Overrides)

April 13, 2019

Added  Example animations for Framer Beta

April 9, 2019

Added  Overrides in Framer Beta explained

March 30, 2019


March 25, 2019

Added  Animation techniques

March 20, 2019

Launch of the Framer X book

February 12, 2019

Online and free version of the Framer Classic book