Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that’s not answered here? Please put it in the comments below, or email me.

How do I access or download the book?

There is no file to download. All the Framer book content is on this website.

When you signed up for a subscription, an account was created with an automatically generated password (check your mail). You can change that password in your account dashboard, where you can also change the status of your subscription, payment settings, etc.  

When logged out, you’ll see that most pages in the Framer book are not public. (They have a before their name in the side menu.)

Is there an educational discount?

Yes. As a student or teacher, you can get a 30% discount. Email me a picture of your student card, and I’ll send you the discount code.

Do you provide PPP (purchasing power parity) adjusted prices?

Yes, I do for several countries, but not all. If you see the guide priced in USD and you’re not in the United States, let me know, and I might add your country. Note that you have to use a local credit card when signing up.

Do you provide an invoice?

Sure do. You’ll receive a PDF invoice directly after signing up.

Can I get a zero-rated VAT invoice?

My business is in Belgium, so when you’re based in the EU, I have to add VAT to the price (your country’s local rate). But as a registered business, you’ll have a VAT number; enter it in the order form to pay 0% VAT.

Clients outside of the EU don’t have to pay any tax or VAT.

Will be book be updated?

The book is kept up to date with the latest version of Framer. The latest big round of updates was after the launch of Framer Sites because some things started to work differently. Check the updates pages for the latest changes.

What if I don’t like the book?

If you’re not impressed with the content, just let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I will issue a full refund.

How do I switch off auto-renewal?

By default, your subscription renews automatically yearly, at which time you’ll receive a new invoice. Switch off Auto renew on your dashboard’s Subscriptions page if you prefer to pay manually.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your Subscriptions page…

… and click the ‘Cancel’ button. It will ask to confirm, and the subscription status will change to ‘Pending Cancellation’.

You’ll still have access until the end of the period you paid for.

I’m in China. Can I pay with WePay or Alipay?

I’ve looked into it, but it doesn’t seem possible.

  • WeChat Pay: The payment processors I’m using, Stripe and PayPal, don’t accept it.
  • Alipay: Stripe accepts it, but only when the webshop’s currency is the same as its location’s. I’m selling in USD but based in Europe, so I’m unable to accept Alipay payments through Stripe.

Where’s the Framer Classic book?

I moved it to a subdomain:

Can I hire you?

Yes. I’ve helped clients with prototypes and websites. If you run into any coding or animation problems with your website or prototype, I can help you.

31 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  • gejoreni says:

    Not sure where to make requests – but I’d love a section on working with SVGs in code. I have a folder with a bunch of Icons i’m exporting from canvas, I’d love to be able to use them in code.

  • Francisca says:

    I would vote for SVG too.. I have now my SVG library in place in a nice code component, but my next step, change the fill of the SVG by, for example, using states or a whileTap, is unfortunately not working yet… Would love to make that request too…Thank you!

  • C C says:

    Hello, I purchased the book to understand the logic behind “Magic Motion” but I see there is no section about it, are you planning to update the book with that concept? I find particularly difficult/impossible to emulate with Framer Motion most of the “Framer Motion” tutorials

    • Tes Mat says:

      Yes, I plan to add more about Framer Motion 2 when it’s out of beta.

      ⚠️ Update September 22: Check the new section: Framer Motion.

      I’m about to finish a more general ‘Framer Motion’ section, which will be more about how to start a React project (Create React App, CodeSandbox, deployment,…) and about Motion APIs that are not present in Framer (useViewportScroll, animating SVGs…). More about the current Framer Motion APIs can already be found in Animation (there’s a Motion version of every example).

      About Framer Motion 2

      There are two new APIs: Automatic animation and AnimateSharedLayout.

      • Automatic animation: Animates one and the same element whenever you change its style or layout.
      • AnimateSharedLayout: Animates from one element to another when you hide one and show the other.

      It’s AnimateSharedLayout that drives the Magic Motion transitions in Framer.

      Maybe these examples (by Matt Perry) can get you started:

      I translated two of these demos also to a Framer project, to check if this stuff already works with frames. (Not yet, it seems, both APIs only work with Motion elements)

  • Joshua Burke says:

    Hello Tes Mat, I love this book … so much better than the framer docs! I really respect what you have created here!
    I didn’t see a place to contact you directly so I am posting this here. I was noticing this site isn’t using react … I am a react full stack dev and was wondering if you have considered converting it from wp to a full blown react front end. You could leverage all that awesome power to do things like: Bring in all of your code sandbox examples to be live in the site; Dynamically switch between Framer Code and Motion Code examples; . You have my email in my account info … feel free to contact … I would love to help in any way I can.

  • ankitanannd567 says:

    What languages do I need to be familiar with before I can start reading this book? I know HTML and CSS but not any other languages.


  • sascha says:

    Hey tes — will you be updating the book for all the changes that Framer introduced last week? Thanks!

  • Bob says:

    Does The Framer Book also contain some projects to build (web or app) ?

  • prokop says:

    Hi Tes! Hands down for the best resource for learning. I have one suggestion – have you ever thought about “night mode” of this website? :)) I believe you have another things to do but sometimes it’s killing my eyes when I learn code in the night after work 🙂

    Thanks again!


    • Tes Mat says:

      Thank you! Night mode: Yeah, that would be cool, but I wouldn’t know where to start. I coded up this WordPress theme myself, starting from a common website template, but… with a lot of CSS troubles.

      But anyway, I plan to move the course to a different website eventually anyway, so I’ll look for a better theme then.

  • jessica.warr says:

    Hi, I tried to download the framer book but I get a file not found on the download link via here and on email.

  • arron says:

    Hey Tes, thought you maybe the best person to ask as I a cannot find any help on the Framer Support or community .. How do you embed the Framer components in the Framer Book …

    I’m looking to embed components in Jira for reference, and also add to a Design System that is in the works…. Appreciate any help!

    • Tes Mat says:

      That’s easy: Almost all embeds on this site are ‘legacy’ projects, which can share any frame on the canvas. Creating a new one is now impossible, but you can copy an existing project.

      But… they’re about to be fazed out: From September 30th, you cannot change them anymore (I suppose the embeds will keep working).

      The option in the current projects is to embed a page you published — or when working with a prototype (a frame on a prototyping canvas): place that prototype on a webpage (with the Prototype component) and publish that page. Here’s an example.

      I thought the prototype then always needed to be the size of a phone or tablet, but I just noticed that this Prototype component can also have a custom size.

      • arron says:

        Appreciate the quick reply .. I did think this used to be possible, and appreciate the headsup about the future …. Never saw that prototype component, very helpful .. much appreciated.

  • hilmi says:

    Hi Mat, just a few question,
    1. Will you offer lifetime purchase?
    2. Do i need to have Framer site with Mini or higher plan to be able to utilize all the knowledge you put in this book? Cause on the Framer free plan, for example, it did not allow you to use “Code Override” feature?
    3. Is there any ready-to-use component or template inside the book ? Like some designer on Twitter that share their Framer component, for example, card that glowing and zooming in 3d perspective with the mouse hover

    • Tes Mat says:
      1. Not yet. I might add one when I finish moving (and reorganizing) this guide to a new website.
      2. Everything should work with a free plan as well. I just tried overrides with a (newly made) free plan: They work. (See the bottom of the Properties Panel on the right.)
      3. There are many components in the book… but nothing really visually interesting. Most components are more practical, just showing you how something works. The one that comes closest to something you could use is probably this iOS Segmented Control.

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