The Framer book explains everything about using code when building sites or prototypes in Framer. It shows you how to create different kinds of animations, has all the details about overrides, and explains how to create your own code components. This Framer course also doubles as an extended manual that you’ll often refer to.

Last update: March 8, 2023


200+ example prototypes made with code

100+ Motion projects in CodeSandbox

100,000+ words of detailed explanations


Table of contents

Upcoming 👨‍💻:

  • A global, introductory ‘Framer’s Toolbox’ section
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Tes Mat

I’m a web and iOS developer who was looking for the best prototyping tool. I tried eight of them, liked Framer (Classic) the most, and wrote an extended manual about it. Then, when the current version of Framer launched, I wrote this manual. I’ve also taught Framer workshops and courses at Projector in Kyiv.