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Part 1: Introduction

  • Why learn Framer?
  • What is Framer?
  • About this book

Part 2: Intro to Framer

  • Installing Framer
  • A tour of Framer
  • First steps
  • Animation basics
  • Previewing your prototype

Part 3: CoffeeScript fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Decision making
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Methods
  • Loops
  • More CoffeeScript

Part 4: Framer basics

  • Layers
  • Text Layers
  • Animation
  • States
  • Colors
  • Events
  • Draggable layers
  • Pinchable layers
  • Scrolling
  • Paging
  • Slider component
  • Utilities
  • Global values

Part 5: Workflow

  • Importing from Sketch, Figma or Photoshop
  • Snippets

Part 6: Let’s make something!


What’s new in the second edition?

(March 2017)


  • Explanation of all (90+) Framer events, with example projects
  • Explanation of all (28) Gesture Event Properties
  • 8 new ‘overview’ prototypes (the iPad-sized ones) for different sets of events
  • 11 of these overview prototypes are now responsive (viewable on iPhone)
  • New chapter: Pinchable layers
  • Auto-Code & direct manipulation (+ modifier keys), Code folding
  • The Align function, Utils.randomImage()
  • Four new «mini» versions of the IF by IFTTT prototype in which you build just a few pages


  • The Animation and States chapters now explain the new syntax.
  • All code examples now use the new Animation syntax (no more ‘properties:’)
  • All code examples now use the new States syntax (no more ‘switch()’ and ‘next()’)
  • All events are now in shortcut notation (e.g. ‘layer.onTap’ instead of ‘layer.on Events.Tap’)
  • All text is reviewed & re-edited, videos and images are updated

Framer Design is not covered in the book. But that’s the easy part 😀 and there’s a good overview in their Get Started section.

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