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Pinchable layers

A pinchable layer can be scaled and rotated with two fingers. It’s an interaction you often see in mapping apps where it’s used to rotate the map or zoom in or out.

How to make a layer pinchable? Simple, you enable it, just like draggable:

layerA.pinchable.enabled = yes

You can even combine the two and have a layer that you can rotate, resize and also drag around.

layerA.pinchable.enabled = yes
layerA.draggable.enabled = yes
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On the desktop, you can hold down to see a second cursor appear. To drag a layer while simultaneously pinching it, hold down .

A layer that’s pinchable and draggable
A layer that’s pinchable and draggable

Pro tip: To maintain a high enough resolution when scaled up, use a bigger layer and scale it down. In the above example, I doubled the size of the layer and set its initial scale to 0.5.

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