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About this book

This book is for learning how to use Framer Classic (obviously), but I also tried to make it a reference. I actually started looking up things in it myself while still writing it.

ePub 3 for Apple Books

The first four editions of this book were as an e-book formatted for Apple Books. In fact, you can still get the book in this ePub 3 format.

‘Open in Framer’ buttons

You’ll notice these buttons under most code examples:

Open in Framer

Click them to open the example directly in Framer so you can learn hands-on, by making changes.

There’s also this button, which you’ll find under some of the iPad-sized overview prototypes.

Open in Framer

It signifies that the prototype is responsive and can be viewed on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The same ‘overview’ prototype on an iPad and an iPhone

Are you using Framer Library? You can still download the example projects.

You’ll see that the link in your web browser looks like this:…

By simply deleting the part, the (zipped) Framer project will download from:…

Design notes

The book is mainly about Framer’s Code, but here and there you’ll find ‘Design notes’, like the one below. These are short explanations of how something works in Design or tips for working optimally.

In Design, you can see which font weights a specific typeface actually has (and select them from the list).


For any questions about the book or errors you might notice, please just post a comment on the page.

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