Framer Classic

On these pages, you’ll find all the content of the Framer Classic book.

This book is for free

Lately, since the launch of Framer X, not many people were picking up a copy of my e-book about Framer Classic.

But many designers still rely on Classic. The example projects I included with the e-book were being downloaded daily.

So I’ve set up this website, also because I needed an online platform to publish the Framer X book on.

If you like this resource and want to support it, you can buy me a coffee, or pick up the (original) ePub version of the book ($9, comes with an invoice).

276 Example projects

Click ‘Open in Framer’ under an example to open it directly in Framer.

257 animated GIFs & videos

See the result of examples without having to open them in Framer.

20 Overview prototypes

Understand properties by tweaking values and seeing the result.

Praise for the Framer Classic book

Kévin Baës

“I love this book. The texts are friendly and fun. Being more comfortable, I started to use Framer more. Pure joy.”

Kévin Baës

UI designer

Pasquale D'Silva

“The Framer Book is really good.”

Pasquale D’Silva

Animator & software designer

John Siwicki

“Impressive work and I really liked reading it. I’ll use and consult it more and more as I get Framer into my workflow.”

John Siwicki

Front-end Web Developer

Alexander Vilinskyy

“This book opened my eyes to some key things in Framer I couldn’t grasp by myself.”

Alexander Vilinskyy

Product Designer & Entrepreneur

Gleb Chuvpilo

“This book is BEYOND AWESOME! It’s all you need to get really good at Framer.”

Gleb Chuvpilo

Investor in AI & Robotics

George Cockerill

“An excellent book – it made my Framer prototyping much more efficient and powerful. Clear and practical, I refer to it frequently.”

George Cockerill

User Experience Designer

George Cockerill

“Learning CoffeeScript and Framer has never been so digestible (and funny)!”

Carlos Santiago

Lead Product Designer

Matthew Hall

“I was struggling to find resources to learn from and found the Framer book very helpful.”

Matthew Hall

UX/UI Designer

John Harrison

“I’m really impressed with the framer book. It’s insanely comprehensive, the examples are brilliant.”

John Harrison

Digital designer, illustrator, animator

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